Enjoy Playing Better Guitar with a Pro

Have you always wanted to play guitar but need some help in getting started?

Have you been playing for years and feel like you're stuck in the same old rut?

Learn to Play Guitar the Fast and Easy Way with an Experienced Teacher.
Play all your favorite songs: blues, folk, rock, country... you name it.
Learn to create your own original riffs, songs and lead guitar solos.
Learn to master the art of strumming, fingerpicking, flatpicking and more.
Learn to listen and play what you hear using recordings of your favorite music.
Learn the secrets the pros use to bring your natural musical ability to life.
We use hundreds of songs and tunes to learn basic and advanced techniques.
I have developed very effective systems for learning strumming & fingerpicking.
Learn to visualize and navigate the guitar fretboard and play any chord or scale.
I am a patient, professional teacher with over 30 years of experience working with students of all ages, from beginner to advanced. If you are a beginner, I will get you off to a great start and you be surprised at how much you will be able to play after only one lesson. If you've already been playing for a while, I can make suggestions that will immediately improve your playing. 

I customize your lessons to match your learning style, so you can learn faster. The lessons are enjoyable and challenging enough to edge you to the next level of your playing. Your first session with me is risk-free. You will enjoy working with me and will look forward to your next lesson, or your first lesson is free.

Here a some of the things I can teach you: Fingerpicking; Flatpicking; Instrumental Melody Picking; Classic Folk & Folk Rock; American Roots Music; Blues; Classic Rock; Jazz; Slide; Bluegrass; Classical Guitar; Alternate Tunings; Improvising; Music Theory; Songwriting and Arranging; bass guitar, lap steel guitar, banjo, ukulele, mountain and hammer dulcimers, mandolin, silver and bamboo flutes and much, much more...